© Ruben Timman. Jeroen is selected to be one of the kast ten candidates at Project Rembrand!
© Ruben Timman. This foto of Jeroen is made at Project Rembrandt: All by yourself in front of the Nachtwacht, amazing!

It is great to hand over a painting to a happy buyer (Groene Venen, 05 november 2018).

I was honered with the choice of my painting as announcement photo for the atelier route Abcoude in the “Groene Venen newspaper”! (mei 2018).

Announcement of exhibition in Nieuwkoop. was very happy how my paintings looked in the beautiful Reghthuys! “Witte Weekblad Nieuwkoop” newspaper (14 juni 2014).

I was very happy and honered with this solo exhibition in the beautiful “Achter de Zuilen venue” in the cityhall of Bloemendaal (Bloemendaals nieuwsblad, 13 september 2012).