Jeroen van der Velden was born (1972) and grown up in the country side (small) city Ede. At young age he was inspired by the big theatrical paintings of Carel Willink that he saw during museum visits with his parents. Later on is attention was drawn by the filmic and atmospheric works of Edward Hopper. Examples of  contemporary artists he admires are Eric Fischl and Mathijs Roling. From the moment that he in 2002 started living in Amsterdam Jeroen put a lot of effort into his development in the figurative art. In these years he learned a lot from fellow painters. For years he participated weekly in model drawing sessions to improve his skills. Further he developed himself mostly as autodidact.

Van der Velden produces realistic paintings in impressionistic style. He paints mostly landscapes and cityscapes, but also people and interiors or combinations of these subjects. Atmosphere and composition are the most important decision points during the choice of is subjects.

JV 2 2012









Exhibitions and activities


Jan Cunen Museum in Oss. paintings  from TV show “Project Rembrandt” and own work of Jeroen, Nard, Suzana, Sebas, Ruben en Fleur.

Schilderfestival Noodrwijk and Katwijks en plein Air, painting at see.


Open Atelierroute of Abcoude, Solo Exhibition at Raad-Huis Makelaardij


Schilderfestival Noordwijk, (


REALISME, ART FAIR FOR FIGURATIVE AND REALISTIC ART; Jeroen is guest exhibitor at the Wackers Academie Amsterdam

Open Atelierroute Abcoude

Zomerkunst Nieuwkoop, overview exhibition of paintings Jeroen together with statues of Kouwenhoven & Bos

Exhibition Koppelaars Kunsthuiskamer:  a duo exhibition with paintings from Jeroen van der velden en Frans Koppelaar.



DunaAtelier Katwijk, Katwijk en plein air 2005-2015 an overview

Galerie Rijlaarsdam, Haagse School Dag anno 2015



Open atelier route Abcoude



Pittoresk Urk, Event with ten national and international painters (



Galerie Den Andel. Group exhibition (

Achter de Zuilen, at Bloemendaal. Solo exhibition

Katwijk en plein air, schilderen aan zee 2012. Event with seventeen national and international painters (

Koppelaars Kunsthuiskamer. Group exhibition (



Galerie Oud Zuylen. Painters event and Group exhibition. (

Galerie Den Andel. “Realisme 2” Group exhibition (

Kunsthotel Spaander, at Volendam. Event five national and international painters (

Achter de Zuilen, te Bloemendaal. “Voorjaar” Group exhibition

Lamu painters festival. At Shela in Kenia. Event with twenty national and international painters (



Museum Kranenburgh te Bergen. Group exhibition “De Egmondse Nieuwen 2010”

Galerie de Salon, at Amsterdam. Group exhibition



Galerie de Salon, at Amsterdam. Group exhibition for the  “9 straatjes feest”.

De Kapel, te Noordwijk. Group exhibition “winners & nominees of the painters festival Noordwijk 2008” (

Galerie Lauswolt, Group exhibition (

Studio Bernards, at Amsterdam. Solo exhibition.



Studio Bernards, at Amsterdam. Solo exhibition.

Schilderfestival Noordwijk, Chosen as 1 of the  5 nominees for the Rembrandt painting award 2008 (

Voorjaarsexposite Galerie Katwijk (



De Kapel, at  Noordwijk. Group exhibition ” winners & nominees of the painters festival Noordwijk 2007″ (

Studio Bernards, te Amsterdam. Solo exhibition.

Schilderfestival Noordwijk, winner of the “AMSTERDAM PAINTING AWARD 2007” price. (